The show’s creators was indeed in reality considering and make your homosexual in the start of collection however, ultimately failed to

Into webpage, Ross claims you to Chandler is actually, “because gay as big date are enough time,” and possess provides electronically modified pictures regarding Chandler making out that have a cop

Brand new creators had Chandler indicated that he is, indeed, upright in the “The main one Where Nana Passes away Twice” when a colleague from his at the job desires to program an excellent date that have several other man, thought he could be gay. The guy informs their family relations about any of it, following understands that nonetheless they – at the some point – imagine he was homosexual.

Immediately following Chandler plays a great prank towards Ross by send to their college or university site that Ross has actually sex that have dinosaurs, Ross brings a page having Chandler. Certain alumni congratulate Chandler for the discussing this fact. Just like the an excellent retort, Chandler posts towards Ross’ page that he have passed away.

Some other like hence insinuates Chandler’s homosexuality happens when Ross reveals Chandler’s kiss that have one to help you Monica. Ross states, “Now, Chandler is not necessarily the kind of son which goes in a pub and tends to make aside with females,” causing Monica to shout, Chandler replies, “In my safety, it actually was very dark and he try an extremely pretty son!”

Much of Chandler’s intimate ambiguity stems from his teens, just like the perform almost every other character traits such as for instance smoking and you may turning to humor. Toward Thanksgiving when Chandler try 9, his father announced which he was a gay which the guy is getting a separation out-of his partner since the he would, “as an alternative sleep with the houseboy than just [her].” The new houseboy said, “Far more poultry, Mr. Chandler?” in a very women voice after this announcement. Due to this, Chandler hates Thanksgiving and you may does not want to consume any antique Thanksgiving eating.

Chandler’s father moved to Las Vegas, where he opened up an all-male burlesque called Viva Las Gay-gas. The burlesque features such musical numbers as It’s Pouring Boys, where he works as a cross-dresser named Helena Handbasket. Chandler tells Monica that when he was growing up, he played the dancer on the far left.

Subsequent activities exists whenever Chandler listens to help you a home-help hypnosis tape built to prevent him away from smoking. This new recording is made for ladies, and you can Chandler appear in idea of being good “good, profitable, sure girl.” This exhibits in itself from inside the Chandler applying Chap Stick for example a female implementing lipstick and blotting that have a cells and emerging regarding the shower with a bath towel to their bust and you may good turban to the their direct. The guy along with says to Rachel you to she actually is sporting a “good shirt.” Joey overhears the new tape and you may tampers in it, tape a message in it indicating you to definitely Chandler need to make him, “a cheddar sub daily,” and buy your, “a lot of money value of pants.”


When the series starts, Chandler works while the a data Processor. That is employment that he very carefully loathes, and tries to quit early in seasons 1 (“The only Into the Stoned Child”). His workplace offers an advertising and much more and more currency so you can entice him back. With respect to the nameplate into the his doorway (noticed in “The one Towards Ick Factor”) he has got become Control Management. Even if never ever clearly mentioned, additional changeover photos demonstrate that Chandler’s workplace is within the Solow Building.

  • The people earn brand new trivia video game just like the Rachel and you can Monica never understand what Chandler really does getting a living (“Usually the one Into the Embryos”) (No matter if because Ross developed the games, this suggests he understands the solution)
  • Joey shortly after says, ” And also you label oneself a keen accountant?” and you can Chandler responses, “No!”
  • Monica admits from time to time one to she doesn’t pay attention as he covers his performs, but eventually learns just what the guy do when he quits within the seasons nine. She calls they, “Mathematical Analysis and you can Studies Reconfiguration.” Chandler responds from the looking at her and you can saying, “I stop, and also you discover everything i do?”